Introduction to Kvant Zrt.’s activities

Our company has gained many years of experience in the field of business solutions since it was formed in 1995. As its main activity, our company provides IT and accounting consulting services. We strive to satisfy the needs of our customers as fully as possible and, with this in mind, both our own employees and our external contractors are eager to improve our business as well as their level of knowledge continuously.

  1. Manufacturing:

Our company strives to exploit the knowledge of qualified employees with experience in domestic and international environments not only to provide services but also in the field of manufacturing. Throughout various activities, our company has acquired deep knowledge of the domestic manufacturing market and technological solutions related to sustainable development. As a break-out point, the company started its manufacturing business and launched investments to support this activity.

  1. The product portfolio of the Kvant Consulting Zrt. is extended by purchasing a production line to manufacture pallet heightening frames by applying press operation on pre-fabricated boards and assembling cut-to-length and polished wooden side panels.

The objective by this procurement is to manufacture custom-designed pallet-heightening frames. Manufacturing pallet-heightening frames that allow the production of EUR pallets with a side wall in a stackable design. By this, higher side panels become possible to create.

  • Low-voltage circuit breaker test facility and packaging manufacturing capabilities are created in order to produce highly processed products. This manufacturing facility is to do electrical and mechanical tests on low-voltage industrial circuit breakers, to perform full assembly after tests have been completed (to reach packing-ready status) and also the marking and labelling of packages at the end of the process.
  1. Fire protection concept and fire protection audit

Our specialist fire protection planners prepare for you a fire protection concept, fire control plans, support construction work and ensure that all work conforms to Hungarian fire safety regulations. We track changes of fire safety regulations.

We offer single services such as an individual fire protection concept, a fire safety certificate, or a complete package ranging from consulting to define safety goals through to a declaration of compliance. You can be sure to make maximum cost savings by bringing in a fire protection planner right from the start of your project. 

Fire protection concept and fire protection audit

If you give us your floor plans, we will produce a fire protection concept for you. In a fire protection audit we devise safety goals for your renovation or for an existing building. We draw in the escape routes and the required smoke detectors, define specifications for fire control walls and fire doors and plan the emergency lighting system. We then submit the fire protection concept to the authorities for approval.

Fire control plans: from concept to implementation

When the fire protection concept is approved, we prepare the fire control plans for execution. To ensure that installation work is executed precisely, we support you during the construction phase and supervise the implementation of the fire protection concept. Do you also require a fire alarm system? Here we collaborate with experienced specialists.

Declaration of compliance for fire safety

We produce for you a declaration of compliance for fire safety. Each craftsman and fitter confirms to us in writing that work was completed correctly. This includes the use of approved materials and their correct installation. You’re on the safe side when the fire protection concept was correctly implemented and complies with the Hungarian fire safety regulations.

Our fire protection services:
* Consulting
* Safety inspections
* Planning and project engineering
* Fire protection concepts
* Fire protection audit
* Definition of safety goals
* Construction support and supervision
* Qualification
* Functional tests
* Escape and rescue plans
* Fire service emergency plans
* Declaration of compliance for fire safety

The fire safety authorities prescribe that a fire safety certificate and fire safety plans are required for buildings such as apartment houses and larger. When you commission a fire protection planner, you can rest assured that all statutory provisions are complied with. Our employees are trained fire protection professionals.
* We maintain provide plans in conformity with fire safety authorities regulation.
* We implement cost-optimised, user-friendly fire protection concepts taking safety goals and general statutory provisions into account.
* We maintain close proximity to the construction site and we know how to implement a successful fire protection concept.

  1. One of the main scope of activities of the Company is IT developments. Please read about several outstanding IT developments that we have recently accomplished:
  1. Developments associated with blockchain technology.

Developing an authentic, open tracking system that uses commercial/logistics/food safety data based on the blockchain technology. The objective is to create a distributed network (blockchain)-based tracking system that reaches out over borders, is independent from existing systems, trustworthy and transparent. The “smart contract” management philosophy being used is a bilateral system (which means that it looks at two entities executing a transaction with each other in the supply chain) and manages commercial, logistics and food safety data throughout the transaction in an automated way using specific rules defined by parameters. By linking transactions together with the help of standard IDs, tracking of transaction chain becomes easy to apply.

  • One of the key software and hardware development projects being worked on by Kvant Zrt. is developing an innovative traffic management information methodology, a demonstration environment and an intelligent box prototype that are installed in the vehicle, and using a real-time adaptive communication system as part of the development project.
    The objective of the development project is to create real-time traffic parameter models that are based on environmental, traffic and traffic signal data collected from existing real vehicles with the help of a mobile application and upon which the control and signalling system can efficiently and optimally change traffic dynamics. 
    The system is currently capable of processing data from 100,000 vehicles at a time. As a result, the relative speeding limit value can be aligned on road sections equipped with traffic control equipment, or if the driver uses a mobile application as an integral part of the system, the optimal speed limit value applicable along the given road section is calculated and transmitted to him/her.
    Vehicle traffic data are collected anonymously since the purpose of the system is traffic management and information service, as opposed to controlling drivers or inflicting fines. Anonymity is realized at data storage level. A proprietary datalogger and additional air pollution meter (environmental data logger) can be placed inside the vehicle, the data from these devices are forwarded into a central management system where a software determines the traffic that is optimum to ensure the jam-free movement of vehicles and to facilitate emission and noise pollution reduction.  
  1. Accounting:

Our company provides comprehensive accounting and payroll service as well as related controlling and other supporting activities to Delta Company Group, utilizing mainly our own resources.